End User Testimonials About Rondex Brake Pads

It was the first time I had Rondex lining in my private vehicle. Actually, I was going to wear another brand, but that brand did not exist. They said "There is Rondex right now". Good thing I got it installed.

I've traveled 40,000 km and almost half of the lining is still there. Moreover, there is no problem in terms of sound and smell. I am very pleased. I bought another set of spare so that I couldn't find it when I needed to replace it.

Nejat B. Istanbul / Turkey

I went to the private service in Bostancı auto industry to change the brake pad of my vehicle. The service representative recommended Rondex as a long-lasting brake pad to me.

Upon this, they stated that they did not have the model I wanted, I called the factory directly and asked for the details of the closest dealer in this region and I went to Kartal zone and reached the brake pad of the model I wanted. I am very satisfied with the performance of the pad.

Erhan G. Istanbul / Turkey

I'm a taxi driver. One of the brake pads that I have been pleased with until now is your Rondex branded pads. In addition, it is very affordable in terms of price, so I always keep 10 sets of these pads in my trunk in case I can't find them. Thank you for your diligent work.

Fehmi K. Istanbul / Turkey

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