Rondex: A Brand History

After Oypar's experience in brake pad sheet and brake pad production for more than 30 years, the need to produce brake pad with a brand of its own emerged with the market demand and pressure.

In response to this need, production started with the Rondex brand in 2003 and was launched on the market. Rondex is Oypar's high quality, reliable brake pad brand.

The Rondex brand offers a portfolio that includes the model corresponding to approximately 400 WVA codes. The product line has developed especially for Peugeot, Renault, Citroën, Fiat, Ford and Volkswagen vehicles.

Rondex is an attractive product for drivers who want to choose affordable, quality brake pad products.

Contact Oypar to reach Rondex vendors in your country and to sell Rondex products in your country.

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