Commercial Vehicle Brake Pads

The cost incurred in the event of any malfunction of commercial vehicles goes far beyond the repair costs of the vehicle. Unrealizable trade creates great alternative costs. For this reason, brake pad quality is very important in commercial vehicles.

The factors that distinguish Rondex brake pads from others in commercial vehicles are as follows;

  1. Long life
    Rondex commercial vehicle linings are long-lasting
  2. Production of mold series by Oypar
    Oypar can produce the mold series used in the production of brake pads.
  3. Customized brake pad production
    You can achieve the most efficient use of brake pad in the working conditions of your fleet with Rondex brake pads specific to your needs.
  4. Quick and error-free delivery
    Standard Rondex commercial vehicle brake pads can be delivered immediately from stock. In special brake pad orders, including the production of the ordered lining mold series, the production is completed in about 2 months after the order and the delivery is made without errors.

For more information about commercial vehicle linings, contact Oypar.

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